• Volcano crater in Nisyros

    The Volcano

    Nisyros is the youngest of the large volcanic centers in Greece and is included along with Methana, Milos and Santorini….

  • Mandraki village in Nisyros

    Mandraki village

    The largest village where you will see the harbor…

  • Paloi Village Nisyros

    Paloi Village

    picturesque fishing village, the port-town of Emporeio…

  • Emborio village in Nisyros island

    Emborio village

    A mountainous traditional village featuring the Castle of Pantoniki…

  • Nikia village in Nisyros

    Nikeia village

    A mountainous village of traditional architecture and a panoramic view to the Volcano…

  • Pachia amos beach in Nisyros

    Pachia amos beach

    The island stands out for its excellent Mediterranean climate with mild warm winters…

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About the Symposium

5th International Exergy, Life Cycle Assessment, and Sustainability Workshop & Symposium (ELCAS-3)
9 – 11 July 2017, NISYROS – GREECE

Full Paper Submission Deadline Extension:
15 May 2017


The 5th International Exergy, Life Cycle Assessment, and Sustainability Workshop & Symposium (ELCAS) will provide a multidisciplinary international forum for researchers, scientists, engineers and practitioners from all over the world to exchange information, to present high-quality research results and new developments in the wide domain covered by the tools of Exergy Analysis, Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), and issues relating to the  environment, and sustainability. Climate Change, Renewable Energy Systems, Sustainable Energy Systems, Smart Energy Systems etc are issues that very much effect the sustainability of countries, regions and cities. All participants will have a chance to discuss the future direction and priorities in the fields.


ELCAS will be held at the ZOSIMOPOULION conference room at Nisyros Island, GREECE. Nisyros is a volcanic Greek island and municipality located in the Aegean Sea. It is part of the Dodecanese group of islands, situated between the islands of Kos and Tilos.

Nisyros can be accessed by airplane through the airport of Kos directly from several major European airports as well as from Athens (flight time from Athens is approximately 35 minutes). Nisyros can also be accessed by ferryboat (from the port of Piraeus with Fast Ferries approximately 12 hours. Nisyros is close to Kos (only 45 minutes from Kos by ferryboat). The capital of Dodecanese islands, Rodos, is 4 hours away by boat. Rodos is also accessible by airplane from all European capitals.

Photo gallery

View photos from the Conference, Niyros island and sightseeings

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