Pachia amos beach in Nisyros


Mandraki village in Nisyros Greece

Nisyros is one of the Dodecanese islands located between Kos and Tilos. Nestling among the hills in the northwest of the island lies the main town and port of Nisyros, Mandraki. The town of Mandraki is where the majority of the population lives and is a busy little town, with whitewashed houses, as well as quite a few traditional nataural stone houses. The centre of the town boasts a charming square where locals and tourists sit in the evenings to enjoy the culinary delights in the many tavernas. Travelling east from Mandraki are the spa springs of Loutra which still operate today. Apart from Mandraki, the rest of the tiny population of Nisyros tend to live in the quaint fishing village of Palli, where good tavernas and accommodation can be found. The other two pictureous villages of Nikia and Emporio are located on the top of the mountains sorrounding the volcanoe. The sight is breath taking. In both Nikia and Emporio there are taverns and restaurants offering delicious local food.

The residents of the island frequently organize trips and events for young people, the elderly and visitors to the island. Nisyros is not known for its buzzing nightlife but picturesque taverns, traditional coffee shops and bars do exist and create a pleasant atmosphere for visitors. Nisyros is ideal for purchasing traditional products such as the local drink Soumada made from almonds, honey, preserved baby tomatoes and capers. Hand-made embroidery is also to be found.

There are Ferry connections from Rhodes and Kos if you coming from Athens.

Municipal Services : +30.22420.31203 & +30.22420.31330
Local Medical Office : +30.22420.31217
Police : +30.22420.31201
Port Master’s Office : +30.22420.31222
Diakomihalis Travel Agency, Tel. +30 22420 31459



  • Swimming at the following beaches: Aghios Savvas, Chochlakoi, Aspri Ammos, Lies, Avlaki, Katsouni, Pachia Ammos.
  • Boat trip to the Gyali island. One of the beaches, in the southern part of the island, near the mines has red, volcano rocks while the other, in the northern part has white sand.
  • Diving
  • Spear fishing
  • Water sports
  • Hiking
  • Thermal Spas: Located at Loutra the spring (37° C water temperature) is ideal for rheumatisms, arthritis, skin infections, sciatica and etc.


The fest of Koimisi tis Theotokou [Assumption] which has 9day duration ( August 6-15) at Panaghia Spiliani. During the festivity, the female worshippers sing the lamentation of Megalochari and on the day of Panaghia (August 15th) a procession and a big fair take place at Mandraki. In the evening there is a fair, called “Koupa tis Panaghias” [Virgin Mary’s cup]: The first lady of the dance holds a cup in her hand and each person entering the dance puts money in the cup for Panaghia and the island’s sake.