Call for Papers

Call for Papers

Papers related to analysis tools, Exergy-based assessments (e.g. exergy analysis, entropy generation minimization and thermo-economics), Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), Environmental Risk Assessment, Environmental Impact Assessment, Environmental Management Planning, Environmental Auditing, Cost benefit analysis, Health Risk Analysis are welcomed. Engineering and other disciplines, such as physics, chemistry, biology, ecology, economics and management are covered by the tools analysis environment and sustainability issues. Climate Change, Renewable Energy Systems, Sustainable Energy Systems, Smart Energy Systems etc are issues that very much effect the sustainability of countries, regions and cities. Also, welcome are studies devoted to method, modeling, theory, computational simulation, design, experiment, and measurement.

Some key areas of ELCAS include but not limited to:

· Exergy analysis
· Exergy accounting
· Exergoeconomics and Thermoeconomics
· Low Exergy Systems
· Low Exergy Buildings
· Low Carbon Systems
· Environmental impact
· Life cycle assessment (LCA)
· Industrial ecology
· Sustainable development
· Smart Energy Systems
· Renewable Energy Systems
· Climate Change Climate Mitigation Methods
· Environmental Systems Analysis
· Energy conservation
· Energy generation minimization
· Entropy generation minimization
· Exergy, energy and environmental modeling
· Process optimization
· Sectorial energy and exergy utilization
· Thermodynamic optimization
· Waste exergy emissions


Selected papers will be published in special issues of the following journals:

· International Journal of LCA (Associated Journal of UNEP/SETAC Life Cycle Initiative)
· Journal of Cleaner Production (Elsevier)
· Resources Conservation & Recycling (Elsevier)
· International Journal of Exergy (Inderscience (UK) publishers)
· Energy Reviews (Inderscience (UK) publishers)
· Waste Management (Elsevier)
· Sustainability (Open Journal)
· Entropy (Open Journal)